What happened to NyanCraft?

Hello players of NyanCraft! It is your old owner, Jack here.

I'm sure lots of you are wondering what happened to the server, why is it so different, and why am I not owner anymore? Well, here is the story.

I have been running this server for over a year, it became stressful, and just plain boring to me, so I decided to sell it to whoever was willing to take it. Azrules, being the kind guy he is, agreed to take the server off of my hands, in a slight partnership with jj22022 or Tempists. The agreement was that he basically just took it all, the name, and everything. 

So, Az payed, and I gave him the credentials for all the server necessities, and that was it. He took it over, and thats why it looks so different. 

Now, he can run the server the way he wants now, and I recognize his right to do so, fully.

Although I do not agree with many of the changes he has made, I do not have control, and he customizes the server to the way he wants to. I'm sorry to everyone, I know that many of you do not like it, and the reason you liked the old NyanCraft was for its specific qualities, and plugins that made the server a semi-vanilla experience, with the plugins necessary to have fun! Az is taking a more full on anti-vanilla approach, which is not what our playerbase is used to, or liked.

My staff, and friends have been placed in different ranks, some with less permissions, which I personally believe they do not deserve. They all deserve the ranks they had, and some better. I hope Az soon realizes this, and re-promotes them back up. 

The original NyanCraft may no longer be with us, but maybe the way Az is taking it, the server will be improved and become the massive multiplayer-hub that we all dreamed Nyan would be one day.

I am not leaving, and I plan to still visit the server, maybe even more frequently. Mostly to keep in contact with the Admins that do not have other means of communication. 

I love NyanCraft, and I love all the players and staff. I hope that Nyan truely does expand, and become better then the one I ran myself.

Go enjoy NyanCraft friends, and if you have any questions or want to stay in contact with me, better than you waiting for me to join the server, email me at: dgmichigan7@yahoo.com

I love you all!